MY ASTEROID OCCULTATIONS FROM 1977 FORWARD 2023-07-10T18:22:23-05:00


by Paul D. Maley

I have successfully observed and timed the following asteroid/planetary satellite occultations.  Accurate ground track forecasting prior to 2001 was really poor, making successful observations problematic at best. You had to be really lucky in order to see an occultation. Beginning in 2001 many more events were being forecasted with improved accuracy, and astrometry (the science of astronomical position measurement) sources and reduction techniques experienced a major advancement.  Then in the fall of 2016 the GAIA star catalog was introduced which caused most star position errors to be reduced to near zero, leaving 100% of the prediction error contribution to the individual asteroid ephemeris.


The image below shows two telescopes that I used beginning in 1960 for observations of earth satellites and then minor planet occultations.  On 5 March 1977 I was using the 5-inch Moonwatch apogee scope (orange paint) to monitor a possible eclipse of the 3.6 magnitude star Gamma Ceti by the asteroid 6 Hebe and recorded a visual disappearance lasting about 0.5 second.  The actual occultation  of the primary asteroid was recorded by multiple stations 900km to the south in Mexico.  This suggested that if my observation was real, it might well be explained by a possible small natural satellite in orbit around 6 Hebe. This was documented in the literature and soon became the first reported minor planet satellite candidate leading to many future investigations by professional astronomers and amateur astronomers. Today there are at least several hundred known binary asteroids.

5-inch ‘apogee’ telescope that I used for the Gamma Ceti observation in 1977.  Its smaller predecessor is shown above.

Abbreviations: C8=Celestron 8-inch Schmidt Cass telescope in the table below.  This scope has been my workhorse.  The M4 is the Meade 2045D telecope.  Under “Method” a number in parentheses indicates the number of separate stations that I deployed that succeeded. C11 indicates a Celestron 11 GO TO telescope.

My method of observation changed in 2001 when I purchased a red sensitive 3rd generation image intensifier from Collins Electro Optics.  In 2018 I began using a PC164 camera which graduated to a PC164EX2, then Watec 120N and now Watec 910HX without any further need for an intensifier.

I recorded an occultation of 9.5 magnitude TYC 0651-00137-1 from inside room #3284 of the Marriott Auditorium Circle hotel, Madrid, Spain on September 19, 2017 using an 80mm refractor.  Even at a 63 degree elevation angle, it was possible to see and even record the star through the closed window glass; but to enhance clarity and hang the GPS antenna outside, the window was opened. 












Observing an occultation of HIP 116724 by (505) Cava from the 22nd floor of the North Tower (Marriott Marquis Hotel) in San Diego, California Nov. 16, 2017.

The following successful minor planet occultations (numbers 51 to 346 in the table below) are dedicated to Lucy the Cat, my constant astronomical preparation companion for 14 years (2006-2020). Because of her support (and in spite of destruction of star charts, blocking use of my PC keyboard,  getting cat fur inside my PC, chewing of occultation camera cables, interrupting my train of thought, etc.) I was able to conduct expeditions to time and record these exceedingly important events from the states of Arizona and Texas.  

Lucy the Cat in better times; rest in peace May 24, 2020.

7777/18/24ucac4 363-191828(18821) MarkhavelC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7767/11/24UCAC4 358-177019(415) PalatiaC8 VIDEOGOLD CANYON, AZ
7757/11/24HIP 117940(21690) 1999RA39C8 VIDEOSUN CITY WEST, AZ
7747/8/24UCAC4 401-097440(190227) 2006DV201C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7737/7/24TYC 5743-01255-1(3420) StandishC8 VIDEORIO VERDE, AZ
7727/6/24UCAC4 314-137309(4292) AobaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
7717/4/24UCAC4 444-100180(1875) NerudaC8 VIDEOQUEEN CREEK, AZ
7707/4/24UCAC4 362-164754(33802) 1999VA203C11CAREFREE, AZ
7696/28/24UCAC4 312-180079(406) ErnaC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
7686/28/24TYC 6835-00325-1(939) IsbergaC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
7676/20/24UCAC4 447-119389(72891) 2001KL31C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7656/19/24UCAC4 297-169521(1135) ColchisC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7636/16/24TYC 2655-00267-1(1036) GanymedC8 VIDEODEWEY-HUMBOLDT AZ
7626/16/24UCAC4 328-185099(3136) AnshanC8 VIDEODEWEY-HUMBOLDT AZ
7616/15/24UCAC4 343-185333(6793) PalazzoloC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
7606/13/24UCAC4 340-078809(1544) VinterhansiaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7596/13/24TYC 5613-00037-1(585) BilkisC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
7586/11/24UCAC4 360-191305(1907) RudnevaC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
7576/11/24UCAC4 330-072554(18865) 1999 RQ204C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7566/8/24UCAC4 410-114455(12760) MaxwellC11 VIDEOCAREFREE,AZ
7556/6/24UCAC4 253-186228(19911) RigauxC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7546/5/24UCAC4 242-107404(784) PickeringiaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7526/1/24UCAC4 338-095425(1197) RhodesiaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
7515/29/24UCAC4 493-056279(61566) 2000qr76C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7505/28/24UCAC4 402-064011(585) BilkisC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
7495/19/24UCAC4 310-079460(613) GinevraC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7485/18/24UCAC4 275-129315(32419) 2000RY33C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7475/17/24UCAC4 368-063297(84) KlioC8 VIDEOCASA GRANDE, AZ
7465/14/24UCAC4 426-058308(3997) TagaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7455/13/24UCAC4 365-068396(7744) 1986QA1C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7445/11/24UCAC4 259-136245(2308) SchiltC11 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
7435/8/24TYC 1330-02276-1(65109) 2002CV36C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7425/7/24UCAC4 386-074441(5729) 1988TA1 C8 VIDEOANTHEM, AZ
7415/6/24UCAC4 409-059192(868) LovaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7405/3/24UCAC4 369-065942(295) TheresiaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
7394/30/24UCAC4 418-059571(742) EdisonaC8 VIDEOPICACHO, AZ
7384/30/24UCAC4 487-056515(21904) 1999VV12C8 VIDEOARIZONA CITY, AZ
7374/29/24UCAC4 583-026835(1869) PhiloctetesC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CITY, AZ
7364/28/24UCAC4 282-213894(2543) MachadoC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7354/27/24UCAC4 482-093726(754) MalabarC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7344/22/24UCAC4 307-138029(454) MathesisC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
7334/21/24UCAC4 330-183022(2012) Guo Shou-JingC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7324/21/24UCAC4 280-123710(71905) 2000WF27C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7314/20/24UCAC4 298-208379(169) ZeliaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
7304/19/24UCAC4 279-153307(735) MarghannaC8 VIDEONEW HOPE, AZ
7294/17/24UCAC4 316-114048(3658) AsciiC8 VIDEOROCK SPRINGS, AZ
7284/12/24UCAC4 311-240689(151) AbundantiaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7273/29/24UCAC4 322-196526(550) SentaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7263/28/24UCAC4 424-052601(188) MenippeC8 VIDEOSURPRISE, AZ
7253/28/24UCAC4 563-040644(745) MauritiaC8 VIDEOSURPRISE, AZ
7243/20/24UCAC4 445-044557(2000) HerschelC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
7233/19/24UCAC4 290-108696(784) PickerinigiaC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
7223/19/24UCAC4 320-106248(528) ReziaC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
7213/18/24UCAC4 316-169264(2355) Nei MonggolC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
7203/9/24UCAC4 413-056397(2054) GawainC8 VIDEOSUN CITY WEST, AZ
7193/9/24TYC 1325-00738-1(1292) LuceC8 VIDEOVILLAGE OF OAK CREEK, AZ
7183/5/24HIP 8782(45671) 2000EA104C8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
7173/2/24UCAC4 608-027168(21847) 1999TA116C8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
7163/1/24UCAC4 532-038524(18488) 1996AY3C8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
7152/28/24UCAC4 528-008618(95) ArethusaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7142/22/24TYC 1452-00788-1(5435) KameokaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7132/18/24UCAC4 510-016262(19996) 1990WZC8 VIDEOBUMBLE BEE, AZ
7122/16/24UCAC4 534-042206(4574) YoshinakaC8 VIDEOCASA GRANDE, AZ
7112/14/24UCAC4 550-007229(24) ThemisC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7102/12/24UCAC4 559-007787(503) EvelynC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
7092/11/24UCAC4 445-053012(6631) PyatnitskijC8 VIDEOWITTMAN, AZ
7082/10/24UCAC4 559-040439(4454) KumikoC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7072/9/24UCAC4 508-047209(780) ArmeniaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7062/5/24UCAC4 537-007173(4389) DurbinC8 VIDEOAVRA VALLEY, AZ
7052/4/24UCAC4 667-054586(3177) ChillicotheC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7042/4/24UCAC4 536-053133(8578) ShojikatoC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
7031/31/24UCAC4 525-029815(3341) HartmanC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
7021/31/24UCAC4 576-039741(4040) PurcellC8 VIDEOWITTMANN, AZ
7011/27/24UCAC4 505-027497(2152) HannibalC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
7001/27/24UCAC4 553-037649(4560) KlyuchevskijC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
6991/26/24UCAC4 399-058594(2567) ElbaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6981/17/24UCAC4 579-036920(1841) MasarykC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
6971/15/24UCAC4 461-029005(694) EkardC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
6961/15/24UCAC4 525-025691(72) FeroniaC8 VIDEOPEORIA, AZ
6951/15/24TYC 3764-02524-1(30995) 1995UZ3C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6941/13/24UCAC4 517-011390(1743) SchmidtC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6931/8/24UCAC4 576-033599(1180) RitaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6921/6/24UCAC4 613-034280(606) BranganeC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
6911/6/24UCAC4 376-045686(1263) VarsaviaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
69012/31/23UCAC4 585-006029(8433) BrachyrhynchusC8 VIDEOAVRA VALLEY, AZ
68912/29/23UCAC4 552-028843(738) AlagastaC8 VIDEOWHY, AZ
68812/29/23TYC 2061-00346-1(8200) SoutenC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
68712/29/23UCAC4 552-023629(1143) OdysseusC8 VIDEO AJO, AZ
68612/2623UCAC4 514-020777(1428) MombasaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
68512/17/23UCAC4 689-020656(2793) ValdajC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
68412/15/23UCAC4 632-023534(466) TisiphoneC8 VIDEOCASA GRANDE, AZ
68312/10/23UCAC4 627-043122(624) HektorC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
68212/9/23TYC 0848-01480-1(3647) DermottC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
68112/7/23UCAC4 446-053696(490) VeritasC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
68012/4/23UCAC4 646-024941(860) UrsinaC8 VIDEOQUEEN VALLEY, AZ
67912/2/23UCAC4 553-029531(125) LiberatrixC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
67811/26/23UCAC4 360-194912(34) CirceC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
67711/26/23TYC 1881-01156-1(776) BerbereciaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
67611/26/23UCA4 697-033086(1372) HaremariC8 VIDEOMORRISTOWN, AZ
67511/25/23TYC 2852-02121-1(18331) 1987DQ6C8 VIDEOMORRISTOWN, AZ
67411/24/23UCAC4 556-007234(1277) DoloresC8 VIDEOANTHEM, AZ
67311/23/13UCAC4 408-138947(3870) MayreC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
67211/23/23UCAC4 522-011976(456) AbnobaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
67111/22/23UCAC4 492-019429(319) LeonaC8 VIDEOWICKENBURG, AZ
67011/22/23TYC 1318-01008-1(12920) 1998VM15C8 VIDEOWICKENBURG, AZ
66911/21/23UCAC4 623-003384(506) MarionC8 VIDEOWICKENBURG, AZ
66811/20/23UCAC4 575-013169(2713) LuxembourgC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
66711/20/23UCAC4 496-008555(853) NanseniaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
66611/19/23UCAC4 531-006388(6805) AbstractaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
66511/19/23UCAC4 434-050731(585) UnionC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
66411/18/23UCAC4 630-009302(132) AethraC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CTY, AZ
66311/18/23UCAC4 462-126649(1407) LindelofC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
66211/13/23UCAC4 526-009022(347) ParianaC8 VIDEOELOY, AZ
66111/12/23TYC 2338-00355-1(132) AethraC8 VIDEONOTHING, AZ
66011/10/23UCAC4 540-047159(972) CohniaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
65911/06/23UCAC4 596-015767(844) 1990QR2C8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
65810/28/23UCAC4 540-046958(954) LiC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
65710/27/23UCAC4 530-035947(527) EuryantheC8 VIDEOBUMBLE BEE, AZ
65610/23/23TYC 5756-00089-1(342) EndymionC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
65510/22/23UCAC4 528-030873(48) DorisC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
65410/22/23UCAC4 301-267884(187) LambertaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
65310/20/23TYC 5699-06341-1(242) KriemhildC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
65210/20/23UCAC4 556-042945(9410) 1995BJ1C8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
65110/20/23UCAC4 547-038868(5436) EumelosC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
65010/20/23UCAC4 298-128389(844) LeontinaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
64910/11/23UCAC4 473-001338(755) QuintillaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
64810/5/23UCAC4 567-024100(11403) 1999BWC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
64710/4/23UCAC4 387-146084(452) HamiltoniaC8 VIDEOCASA GRANDE, AZ
64610/2/23TYC 1747-00416-1(138533) 2000OF40C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
64510/01/23UCAC4 601-025421(407) ArachneC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
64410/01/23UCAC4 570-030257(1292) LuceC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
6439/28/23TYC 2984-00554-1(31) EuphrosyneC8 VIDEOPEORIA, AZ
6429/28/23UCAC4 334-147192(431) NepheleC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6419/26/23UCAC4 347-173439(2302) FloryaC8 VIDEOSTRAWBERRY, AZ
6409/26/23UCAC4 364-076714(45) EugeniaC8 VIDEOSTRAWBERRY, AZ
6399/21/23TYC 6254-01222-1(189) PhthiaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
6389/21/23UCAC4 401-130857(5368) VitaglianoC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
6379/20/23UCAC4 621-122013(51921) 2001QU90C8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
6369/19/23UCAC4 552-102612(914) PalisanaC8 VIDEOPEORIA, AZ
6359/18/23UCAC4 568-019267(991) McdonaldaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
6349/9/23UCAC4 325-155989(364) IsaraC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
6339/8/23UCAC4 271-102519(886) WashingtoniaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6329/5/23TYC 0061-01117-1(18) MelpomeneC8 VIDEOSAHUARITA, AZ
6319/4/23UCAC4 408-132190(403) CyaneC8 VIDEOHAWKINS, AZ
6308/29/23UCAC4 407-137873(232) RussiaC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
6298/29/23UCAC4 439-120151(30588) 2001PC35C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6288/25/23UCAC4 360-205234(13132) OrteliusC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6278/12/23UCAC4 627-040447(624) HektorC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
6268/11/23UCAC4 417-148575(232) RussiaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6258/11/23UCAC4 395-093612(2180) MarjaleenaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
6248/5/23UCAC4 508-004106(21) LutetiaC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
6238/5/23UCAC4 416-141909(403) CyaneC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
6228/5/23UCAC4 298-237695(759) ViniferaC8 VIDEOPARKS, AZ
6218/5/23UCAC4 417-104825(1330) SpridoniaC8 VIDEOASH FORK, AZ
6208/3/23UCAC4 427-115996(2192) PyatigoriyaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6198/3/23UCAC4 362-094365(1436) SalontaC8 VIDEOPEORIA, AZ
6187/26/23UCAC4 417-143349(4348) PoulydamasC8 VIDEOBAGDAD, AZ
6177/26/23UCAC4 335-112875(171) OpheliaC8 VIDEOWICKENBURG, AZ
6167/21/23UCAC4 291-185074(5508) GomyouC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6157/19/23UCAC4 325-145791(86) SemeleC8 VIDEOBAGDAD, AZ
6147/15/23UCAC4 279-117320(109) FelicitasC11 VIDEO CAREFREE, AZ
6137/14/23UCAC4 311-181933(203) PompejaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6127/13/23UCAC4 277-148080(356) LiguriaC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
6117/6/23UCAC4 387-103373(417) SueviaC8 VIDEOMAYER, AZ
6107/6/23UCAC4 407-091581(24388) 2000AB175C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6097/4/23UCAC4 309-195508(9121) StefanovalentiniC11 VIDEO CAREFREE, AZ
6087/02/23UCAC4 314-244657(5506) ArtiglioC8 VIDEOBAGDAD, AZ
6077/01/23UCAC4 424-119863(983) GunilaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6066/29/23UCAC4 271-185406(1416) RenauxaC8 VIDEOELOY, AZ
6056/28/23UCAC4 447-125280(894) ErdaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE,AZ
6046/26/23TYC 6800-00046-1(104) KlymeneC8 VIDEOSAHUARITA, AZ
6036/24/23UCAC4 330-114293(1128) AstridC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
6026/22/23UCAC4 370-152443(1607) MavisC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6016/21/03UCAC4 405-135690(820) AdrianaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
6006/15/23TYC 2469-00113-1(818) KapteyniaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
5996/8/23UCAC4 278-178143(109) FelicitasC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5986/4/23UCAC4 376-119289(34) CirceC8 VIDEOBUMBLE BEE, AZ
5975/10/23UCAC4 439-055039(859) BouzarehC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5965/6/23UCAC4 643-041593(912) MaritimaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5954/7/23UCAC4 600-039605(1771) MakoverC8 VIDEONOTHING, AZ
5944/3/23UCAC4 345-073542(336) LacadieraC8 VIDEOMOHAWK, AZ
5934/2/23UCAC4 455-048860(1189) TerentiaC8 VIDEOMOHAWK, AZ
5923/13/23UCAC4 549-027573(310) MargaritaC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
5913/10/23UCAC4 532-013290(4063) EuforboC8 VIDEOBUMBLE BEE, AZ
5903/9/23UCAC4 525-014572(236) HonoriaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
5893/5/23UCAC4 651-042907(10569) KinoshitamasaoC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5882/27/23UCAC4 590-007757(101) HelenaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5872/26/23UCAC4 536-006061(419) AureliaC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
5862/19/23UCAC4 555-040023(3797) Ching-Sung YuC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5852/10/23UCAC4 511-001274(663) GerlindeC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
5842/5/23UCAC4 502-049012(1632) SiebohmeC8 VIDEOCOOLIDGE, AZ
5832/5/23UCAC4 656-027177(117) LomiaC8 VIDEOCOOLIDGE, AZ
5822/3/23UCAC4 520-023668(12) VictoriaC8 VIDEODEWEY-HUMBOLDT, AZ
5812/2/23UCAC4 361-130906(943) BegoniaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
5802/1/23UCAC4 587-038620(18616) 1998DR5C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5791/30/23UCAC4 547-028033(310) MargaritaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
5781/26/23UCAC4 562-046796(3045) AloisC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5771/25/23UCAC4 589-039497(782) MontefioreC11 VIDEO CAREFREE, AZ
5761/22/23TYC 2455-00388-1(19910) 5078-T3C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5751/7/23TYC 1880-00329-1(2848) ASPC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
57412/26/22UCAC4 555-031848(552) SiegelindeC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
57312/24/22TYC 1893-00827-1(2848) ASPC8 VIDEOGOLD CANYON, AZ
57212/22/22UCAC4 569-038134(449) HamburgaC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
57112/21/22UCAC4 476-001618(680) GenovevaC8 VIDEOBRENDA, AZ
57012/19/22UCAC4 656-047555(5089) NadhernaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
56912/19/22UCAC4 597-026308(13314) 1998RH71C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
56812/10/22UCAC4 681-024725(89941) 2002FZ20C11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
56712/01/22UCAC4 510-020640(236) HonoriaC8 VIDEOROCK SPRINGS, AZ
56612/01/22UCAC4 678-038744(1877) MarsdenC8 VIDEOGOLD CANYON, AZ
56511/30/22UCAC4 496-005818(689) ZitaC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
56411/25/22UCAC4 583-013665(5012) EurymedonC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
56311/25/22UCAC4 472-002613(5280) AndrewbeckerC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
56211/20/22UCAC4 697-035452(911) AgamemnonC8 VIDEOQUARTZSITE, AZ
56111/13/22UCAC4 392-106424(41) DaphneC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
56011/12/22UCAC4 513-046594(65803) DidymosC8 VIDEOPLASTER CITY, CA
55911/05/22UCAC4 572-008512(99) DikeC8 VIDEOBAGDAD, AZ
55811/05/22UCAC4 348-191055(113) AmaltheaC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
55711/02/22UCC4 667-010587(1282) UtopiaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
55610/21/22UCAC4 394-122550(3118) ClaytonsmithC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5559/30/22UCAC4 565-036069(468) LinaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5549/20/22TYC 7392-02136-1(718) EridaC8 VIDEOQUARTZSITE, AZ
5539/17/22UCAC4 595-041415(325) HeidelbergaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE,AZ
5529/2/22UCAC4 534-011382(585) BilkisC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
5519/1/22UCAC4 558-013704(4196) ShuyaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5508/31/22UCAC4 540-153060(276) AdelheidC8 VIDEOPICACHO, AZ
5498/28/22UCAC4 547-021692(505) CavaC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
5488/16/22UCAC4 310-186940(1439) VogtiaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5467/8/22UCAC4 317-198128(3708) SocusC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5457/7/22UCAC4 319 193182(58008) 2002TW240C8 VIDEOCAREFREE,AZ
5447/05/22UCAC4 367-159720(538) FriederikeC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5436/28/22UCAC4 307-242202(1112) PoloniaC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
5426/26/22UCAC4 426-073995(313) ChaldeaC8 VIDEOMESA VERDE, CA
5416/20/22UCAC4 335-084726(492) GismondaC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
5406/15/22UCAC4 428-055552(919)IlsebillC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
5396/12/22UCAC4 416-070947(903) NealleyC8 VIDEOMUND'S PARK, AZ
5386/4/22UCAC4 436-064780(1724) VladimirC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
5376/4/22TYC 7927-01558-1(617) Patroclus #1C8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
5366/4/22UCAC4 318-090863(678) FredegundisC8 VIDEO NEW RIVER, AZ
5356/2/22UCAC4 244-065091(247) EukrateC8 VIDEO STANDFIELD, AZ
5345/30/22UCAC4 417-075868(783) NoraC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
5335/27/22TYC6254-00408-1(60) EchoC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
5325/13/22UCAC4 617-046014(581) TauntoniaC8 VIDEOCAMP CREEK, AZ
5315/7/22TYC 2426-01126-1(693) ZerbinwrC8 VIDEOFLOWER POT, AZ
5305/4/22UCAC4 562-031848(17) ThetisC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
5294/23/22UCAC4 479-042080(18895) 2000 GJ108C8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
5284/20/22TYC 5030-00347-1(369) Aeria80MM VIDEOLUKEVILLE, AZ
5274/18/22UCAC4 584-028973(257) SilesiaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
5264/17/22UCAC4 582-025140(302) ClarissaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5254/15/22UCAC4 554-025657(5594) JimmillerC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
5244/12/22TYC 0106-00124-1(185) EunikeC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
5233/30/22UCAC4 582-028932(126) VelledaC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
5223/25/22UCAC4 449-023788(754) MalabarC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5213/23/22UCAC4 569-007949(3396) MuazzezC8 VIDEONEW RIVER AZ
5203/22/22UCAC4 544-012201(873) MechthildC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
5193/18/21UCAC4 536-005083(1162) LarissaC8 VIDEOCASA GRANDE,AZ
5183/16/22UCAC4 550-035688(925) AlphonsinaC8 VIDEOSURPRISE, AZ
5173/14/22UCAC4 541-010425(308) PolyxoC8 VIDEOMUNDS PARK, AZ
51603/10/22UCAC4 539-009035(5603) RausudakeC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
51503/08/22UCAC4 402-047795(2235) VittoreC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
51402/26/22UCAC4 452-048795(1349) BechuanaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
51302/20/22TYC 1837-00848-1(753) TiflisC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CITY, AZ
51202/15/22TYC 630-00079-1(877) WalkureC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
5112/14/22UCAC4 516-004619(50) VirginiaC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
5102/6/22UCCAC4 568-027922(554) PeragaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5092/5/22UCAC4 589-007124(793) ArizonaC8 VIDEOWHITTMAN, AZ
5082/3/22UCAC4 621-045889(616) EllyC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5071/31/22UCAC4 507-018914(713) LusciniaC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
5061/29/22UCAC4 670-050498(697) GalileaC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
5051/25/22UCAC4 480-002385(877) WalkureC8 VIDEO..DOUBLE STARMARANA, AZ
5041/24/22UCAC4 465-014140(26718) 2001HP5C8 VIDEOBUMBLE BEE, AZ
5031/15/22HIP 41760(1721) WellsC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
5021/12/22UCAC4 604-039893(3345)TarkovskijC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
5011/9/22UCAC4 664-023483(1437) DiomedesC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
5001/6/22UCAC4 534-048546(2097) GalleC8 VIDEO SPRING VALLEY, AZ
4991/3/22UCAC4 432-016374(756) LillianaC8 VIDEOGREENWOOD, AZ
49812/20/21UCAC4 673-039867(426) HippoC8 VIDEOKUAKATCH, AZ
49712/17/21UCAC4 590-020353(1298) NocturnaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
49612/17/21UCAC4 445-023248(923) HerlugaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
49511/18/21UCAC4 638-011813(294) IlseC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
49411/15/21UCAC4 672-034256(96) AegleC8 VIDEOAMADO, AZ
49311/14/21UCAC4 596-013100(6475) RefugiumC8 VIDEOQUEEN VALLEY, AZ
49211/11/21UCAC4 434-109504(880) HerbaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
49111/11/21UCAC4 339-152391(277) ElviraC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
49011/7/21UCAC4 341-196883(1805) DirkisC8 VIDEOBAGDAD, AZ
48911/7/21UCAC4 318-176826(267) TirzaC8 VIDEOBAGDAD, AZ
48811/5/21UCAC4 580-014034(73) KlytiaC8 VIDEOGREENWOOD, AZ
48711/04/21UCAC4 531-048372(11193) MeridaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
48611/04/21UCAC4 575-003964(15436) DexiusC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
48510/25/21UCAC4 491-001574(377) CampaniaC8 VIDEOROCK SPRINGS, AZ
48410/22/21TYC 6877-00099-2(1021) FlammarioC8 VIDEOKINGMAN, AZ
48310/16/21UCAC4 314-192889(231) VindobonaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
48210/15/21UCAC4 521-005589 (1623) VivianC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
48110/13/21UCAC4 528-004526(3274) MaillenC8 VIDEOAVRA VALLEY, AZ
4809/30/21UCAC4 595-008243(1735) ITAC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
4799/29/21UCAC4 421-102034(491) CarinaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
4789/23/21UCAC4 367-158094(1434) MargotC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
4779/18/21TYC 4800-02583-1(754) MalabarC8 VIDEOCAVE CREEK, AZ
4769/17/21UCAC4 491-047590(4617) ZadunaiskyC8 VIDEODEWEY-HUMBOLDT, AZ
4759/17/21UCAC4 303-231763(78) DianaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4749/15/21TYC 1757-01963-1(957) CameliaC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
4739/12/21UCAC4 550-044294(411) XantheC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
4729/10/21UCAC4 559-127878(1264) LetabaC8 VIDEOROCK SPRINGS, AZ
4719/8/21TYC 1912-01630-1(1427) RuvumaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4709/7/21UCAC4 430-058991(29943)1999JZ78C8 VIDEOMAYER, AZ
4699/4/21UCAC4 338-146452(740) CantabiaC8 VIDEOARIPINE, AZ
4689/3/21TYC 6277-00533-1(526) JenaC8 VIDEOKINGMAN, AZ
4678/27/21UCAC4 600-042328(528) ReziaC8 VIDEOGREENWOOD, AZ
4668/26/21UCAC4 653-032548(426) HippoC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4658/26/21UCAC4 365-125433(2207) AntenorC8 VIDEOWICKENBURG, AZ
4648/24/21UCAC4 437-078564(132) AethraC8 VIDEOQUARTZSITE, AZ
4638/24/21UCAC4 350-083127(1269) RollandiaC8 VIDEOLA PAZ VALLEY, AZ
4628/22/21UCAC4 294-221445(2621) GotoC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
4618/20/21UCAC4 561-006157(806) GyldeniaC8 VIDEOTOLTEC, AZ
4608/20/21UCAC4 429-001516(337) DevosaC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
4598/6/21UCAC4 583-081666(391) IngeborgC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4588/1/21UCAC4 329-168287(38) LedaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4576/12/21UCAC4 420-073187(5651) TraversaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
4566/11/21UCAC4 335-162881(2264) SabrinaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
4556/4/21UCAC4 469-053904(7815) DolonC8 VIDEOLUKEVILLE, AZ
4545/30/21UCAC4 365-127998(2426) SimonovC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4535/30/21G172419.0-234745(300) GeraldinaC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
4525/24/21UCAC4 446-141491(385) IlmatarC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
4515/23/21UCAC4 291-134616(895) HelioC8 VIDEOHUNTER CREEK, AZ
4505/23/21UCAC4 336-131669(5070) AraiC8 VDIEOHUNTER CREEK, AZ
4495/22/21UCAC4 281-079536(1392) PierreC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
4485/20/21UCAC4 299-160231(28978) IxionC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
4475/19/21UCAC4 329-086150(2697) AlbinaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4465/19/21TYC 1925-00660-1(75) EurydikeC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
4455/16/21UCAC4 254-070085(804) HispaniaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4445/13/21UCAC4 366-060564(3803) TuchkovaC8 VIDEOBRAWLEY, CA
4435/13/21UCAC4 579-039220(245) VeraC8 VIDEOBRAWLEY, CA
4425/13/21UCAC4 350-098659(1269) RollandiaC8 VIDEOBRAWLEY, CA
4415/12/21UCAC4 305-078774(1085) NataC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
4405/11/21UCAC4 575-020347(348) MayC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4395/9/21TYC 6791-00878-1(617) PatroclusC8 VIDEOSANTA CLAUS, AZ
4384/24/21UCAC4 549-017729(305) GordoniaC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
4374/20/21UCAC4 403-064965(776) BerbericiaC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
4364/19/21UCAC4 377-077867(216) KleopatraC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
4354/16/21TYC 6894-01053-1(278) PaulinaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
4344/13/21UCAC4 334-123637(131) ValaC8 VIDEOPEORIA, AZ
4334/9/21UCAC4 371-142106(2908) ShimoyamaC8 VIDEOCAVE CREEK, AZ
4324/4/21UCAC4 487-054341(1017) JacquelineC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4314/4/21UCAC4 579-030481(380) FiduciaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4303/30/21UCAC4 472-033890(547) PraxedisC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
4293/29/21TYC 0843-01393-1(240) VanadisC8 VIDEOGREEN VALLEY, AZ
4283/28/21TYC 7412-01689-1(84) KlioC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
4273/28/21UCAC4 575-028614(931) WhittemoraC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
4263/22/21UCAC4 368-170767(2311) El LeoncitoC8 VIDEOWHY, AZ
4253/6/21UCAC4 539-014937(79) EurynomeC8 VIDEOWYMOLA, AZ
4242/27/21UCAC4 370-075451(799) GudulaC8 VIDEOAZTEC, AZ
4232/26/21UCAC4 477-016964(41) DaphneC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
4222/22/21UCAC4 534-005483(383) JaninaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
4212/15/21UCAC4 496-006286(51) NemausaC8 VIDEOROCK SPRINGS, AZ
4202/13/21UCAC4 416-069907(1873) AgenorC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
4192/12/21UCAC4 626-037149(1242) ZambesiaC8 VIDEOPEORIA, AZ
4182/8/21UCAC4 488-045363(304) OlgaC8 VIDEOBUMBLE BEE, AZ
4171/07/21TYC 0160-00702-1(345) TercidinaC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
41612/28/20TYC 0786-00656-1(287) NepthysC8 VIDEOAZTEC, AZ
41512/27/20UCAC4 701-039165(795) FiniC8 VIDEOSTANFIELD, AZ
41412/24/20TYC 2369-02140-1(250) BettinaC8 VIDEOMESCAL, AZ
41312/22/20UCAC4 452-024563(41) DaphneC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
41212/21/20HIP 99314(III) GanymedeC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
41112/20/20UCAC4 445-052990(513) CentesimaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
41012/19/20TYC 2924-02100-1(13) EgeriaC8 VIDEORIO RICO, AZ
40912/18/20UCAC4 638-021314(702) AlaudaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
40812/11/20UCAC4 426-046220(547) PraxedisC8 VIDEOBRENDA, AZ
40712/4/20UCAC4 526-049850(10) HygeiaC8 VIDEOCHANDLER, AZ
40612/4/20UCAC4 531-005844(235) CarolinaC8 VIDEOBUMBLE BEE, AZ
40512/3/20UCAC4 371-184615(494) VirtusC8 VIDEOCASA GRANDE, AZ
40411/29/20UCAC4 610-039948(54) AlexandraC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
40311/28/20TYC 2384-00604-1(250) BettinaC8 VIDEODOLAN SPRINGS, AZ
40211/26/20UCAC4 569-028678(792) MetcalfiaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
40111/25/20TYC 1340-1470-1(1582) MartirC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
40011/19/20UCAC4 425-132240(19) FortunaC8 VIDEORIO RICO, AZ
39911/19/20UCAC4 497-005045(146) LucinaC8 VIDEORIO RICO, AZ
39811/18/20UCAC4 337-143947(868) LovaC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
39711/17/20UCAC4 562-009241(748) SimeisaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
39611/15/20UCAC4 555-008509(838) SeraphinaC8 VIDEONOTHING, AZ
39511/14/20TYC 5736-01143-1(185) EunikeC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
39411/12/20UCAC4 645-019692(143) AdriaC8 VIDEOST. DAVID, AZ
39311/11/20UCAC4 611-002724(605) JuvisiaC8 VIDEOVILLAGE OF OAK CREEK, AZ
39211/11/20UCAC4 468-038008(611) ValeriaC8 VIDEOVILLAGE OF OAK CREEK, AZ
39111/10/20TYC 1221-00577-1(441) BathildeC8 VIDEOWADDELL, AZ
39011/5/20UCAC4 547-005876(82) AlkmeneC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CITY, AZ
38911/5/20UCAC4 685-014993(1467) MashonaC8 VIDEOVILLAGE OF OAK CREEK, AZ
38810/21/20UCAC4 592-003508(705) ErminiaC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
38710/17/20UCAC4 500-056211(545) MessalinaC8 VIDEOFLAGSTAFF, AZ
38610/16/20UCAC4 336-199561(126) VelledaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
38510/15/20HIP 30402(39) LaetitiaC8 VIDEO GRAY MOUNTAIN, AZ
38410/13/20UCAC4 302-142931(28978) IxionC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
38310/12/20UCAC4 311-207536(521) BrixiaC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
38210/11/20TYC 1337-01489-1(971) AlsatiaC8 VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
38110/9/20UCAC4 572-002643(657) GunlodC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
38010/8/20UCAC4 311-196766(521) BrixiaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
37910/7/20UCAC4 575-134191(925) AlphonsinaC8 VIDEOMUNDS PARK, AZ
37810/02/20UCAC4 491-003355(326)TamaraC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
37710/02/20UCAC4 537-019532(163) ErigoneC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
3769/29/20UCAC4 431-002064(424) GratiaC8 VIDEOARIZONA CITY, AZ
3759/29/20UCAC4 332-177590(111) AteC8 VIDEOPIEDRA, AZ
3749/28/20UCAC4 538-002093(98) IantheC8 VIDEOLITCHFIELD PARK, AZ
3739/28/20UCAC4 433-063740(780) ArmeniaC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
3729/27/20TYC 6309-02468-1(335) RobertaC8 VIDEOFLORENCE, AZ
3719/24/20TYC 1329-01493-1(943) BegoniaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
3709/21/20UCAC4 522-004081(P7M02) UMBRIELC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3699/17/20UCAC4 412-078333(185)EunikeC8 VIDEOWINSLOW, AZ
3689/11/20UCAC4 370-101650(377) CampaniaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3679/5/20UCAC4 385-107121(490) VeritasC8 VIDEOLIGURTA, AZ
3668/29/20UCAC4 388-083511(1353) MaartjeC8 VIDEOPIEDRA, AZ
3658/20/20UCAC4 326-158570(111) AteC8 VIDEOSIERRA VISTA, AZ
3648/11/20UCAC4 419-146171(396) AeoliaC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
3638/9/20G180621.7-222214(316) GobertaC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
3628/5/20UCAC4 533-130969(978) AidaminaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
3618/2/20UCAC4 317-122731(521) BrixiaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3607/27/20UCAC4 405-060045(464) MegairaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3597/21/20UCAC4 414-141132(165) LoreleyC8 VIDEOQUARTZSITE, AZ
3587/18/20UCAC4 555-079854(2) PallasC8 VIDEO dM=0.06CAREFREE, AZ
3577/14/20UCAC4 525-002767(200) DynameneC8 VIDEODOLAN SPRING, AZ
3567/1/20UCAC4 492-054339(46) HestiaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
3556/27/20TYC 5646-00175-1(670) OttegebeC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
3546/24/20UCAC4 367-087477(53) KalypsoC8 VIDEOTONOPAH, AZ
3536/23/20UCAC4 343-077294(435) EllaC8 VIDEOWILLAHA, AZ
3526/16/20UCAC4 374-115254(50000) QuaoarC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3516/9/20UCAC4 253-181522(134) SophrosyneC8 VIDEOGOLD CANYON, AZ
3506/4/20UCAC4 481-096094(185) EunikeC8 VIDEOGOLD CANYON, AZ
3495/29/20UCAC4 448-116406(2120) TyumeniaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3485/26/20UCAC4 269-090281(779) NinaC8 VIDEO GILA BEND, AZ
3475/26/20UCAC4 336-194173(777) GutembergaC8 VIDEOVILLAGE OF OAK CREEK, AZ
3465/22/20UCAC4 486-054418(217) EudoraC8 VIDEOSAHUARITA, AZ
3455/16/20UCAC4 386-072923(1794) FinsenC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3445/11/20HIP 40023(363) Padua80mm VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
3435/5/20UCAC4 515-057313(781) KartveliaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
3424/23/20UCAC4 416-135027(893) LeopoldinaC8 VIDEOCHILDS, AZ
3414/22/20UCAC4 586-037695(412) ElisabethaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
340 4/19/20TYC 1377-01388-1(903) NealleyC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
3394/15/20UCAC4 554-012358(675) LudmillaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
3384/11/20UCAC4 524-041943(198) AmpellaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3374/10/20UCAC4 523-026588(798) RuthC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
3364/8/20TYC 1867-02787-1(862) FranziaC8 VIDEOWADDELL, AZ
3354/7/20UCAC4 324-150614(110 LydiaC8 VIDEOVILLAGE OF OAK CREEK, AZ
3344/7/20UCAC4 384-087707(85) IoC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
3334/4/20UCAC4 586-034809(412) ElisabethaC8 VIDEOTHREE POINTS, AZ
3323/31/20UCAC4 532-005029(21) LutetiaC8 VIDEONEW RIVER, AZ
3313/18/20UCAC4 460-038314(456) AbnobaC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
3303/2/20UCAC4 350-075301(615) RoswithaC8 VIDEOCASA GRANDE, AZ
3292/18/20TYC 4928-00142-1(115) ThyraC8 VIDEOANTHEM, AZ
3282/16/20UCAC4 499-050290(113) AmaltheaC8 VIDEOSANTA CLAUS, AZ
3272/15/20UCAC4 501-002308(720) BohliniaC8 VIDEO CORDES LAKES, AZ
3262/14/20UCAC4 303-075616(89) JuliaC8 VIDEORIO VERDE, AZ
3252/14/20UCAC4 491-3043(107) CamillaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
3242/9/20UCAC4 430-046287 (694) EkardC8 VIDEOCAMERON, AZ
3231/29/20UCAC4 516-004340(752) SulamitisC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CITY, AZ
3221/28/20UCAC4 549-039184(1109)TataC8 VIDEOVILLAGE OF OAK CREEK, AZ
3211/25/20UCAC4 520-036590(153) HildaC8 VIDEOCORDES LAKES, AZ
3201/18/20UCAC4 440-000605(103) HeraC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
3191/9/20UCAC4 400-019009(105) ArtemisC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
3181/5/20UCAC4 497-054018(125) LiberatrixC8 VIDEOPICACHO, AZ
3171/4/20UCAC4 597-010440(113) CyreneC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
31612/29/19UCAC4 472-128466(11351) LeucusC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
31512/13/19UCAC4 460-047423(1095) TulipiaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
31411/25/19TYC 4666-00339-1(21) LutetiaC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
31311/24/19UCAC4 470-121761(914) PalisanaC8 VIDEOWILLOW BEACH, AZ
31211/19/19UCAC4 567-009481(332) SiriC8 VIDEOWHY, AZ
31111/17/19UCAC4 523-050249(1909) AlekhinC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
31010/24/19UCAC4 362-196994(13) PsycheC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
30910/19/19UCAC4 570-045189(481) EmitaC8 VIDEORIO RICO, AZ
30810/18/19UCAC4 461-002362(113) AmaltheaC8 VIDEOBUMBLEBEE, AZ
30710/14/19TYC 5830-00698-1(103) HeraC8 VIDEOPICACHO, AZ
30610/10/19UCAC4 587-009978(983) GunillaC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
30510/9/19UCAC4 476-036853(329) SveaC8 VIDEOTUBAC, AZ
3049/28/19UCAC4 354-182574(45) EugeniaC8 VIDEOBUMBLEBEE, AZ
3039/19/19UCAC4 569-041643(37) FidesC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
3029/7/19UCAC4 351-097931(679) PaxC8 VIDEOCHILDS, AZ
3019/4/19UCAC4 323-209092(10199) CharikloC14 VIDEOWAIMEA, HI
3008/28/19UCAC4-357-191156(142) PolanaC8 VIDEOBAPCHULE, AZ
2998/24/19UCAC4-414140131(289) NenettaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
2986/23/19UCAC4 422-080801(914) PalisanaC8 VIDEOWELLTON, AZ
2976/17/19UCAC4-473-101927(386) SiegenaC8VIDEOSEARCHLIGHT, NV
2965/4/19UCAC4 378-099549(410) ChlorisC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2954/18/19UUCAC4 581-018062(404) ArsinoeC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
2944/1/19UCAC4 441-058175(530) TurandotC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2933/31/19UCAC4 349-185299(135) HerthaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
2923/26/19UCAC4 563-030641(526) JenaC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
2913/19/19UCAC4 399-048032(980) AnacostiaC8 VIDEOPEORIA, AZ
2903/18/19UCAC4 601-020298(1132) HollandiaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2893/13/19UCAC4 416-55943(396) AeoliaC8 VIDEOWELLTON, AZ
2883/09/19UCAC4 406-118526(304) OlgaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2872/25/19UCAC4 599-027320(524) FidelioC8 VIDEODATELAND,AZ
2862/17/19UCAC4 575-040830(449) HamburgaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2852/8/19UCAC4 348-174292(16) PsycheC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CITY, AZ
2842/8/19UCAC4 325-086204(907) RhodaC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CITY, AZ
2832/8/19UCAC4 610-020542(776) BerbereciaC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
2822/2/10UCAC4 659-028138(804) HispaniaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2811/22/19UCAC4 460-026886(216) KleopatraC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
2801/20/19UCAC4 513-045593(420) BertholdaC8 VIDEOROOSEVELT, AZ
2791/20/19UCAC4 486-004122(527) EuryantheC8 VIDEOROOSEVELT, AZ
2781/19/19UCAC4 483-047451(1232) CortusaC8 VIDEOGOODYEAR, AZ
2771/17/19UCAC4 377-064121(984)GretiaC8 VIDEOSUPERIOR, AZ
27612/22/18UCAC4 480-024167(1191) AlfaternaC8 VIDEOMORRISTOWN, AZ
27512/21/18TYC 1910-01297-1(607) JennyC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
27412/21/18TYC 2875-00740-1(602) MariannaC8 VIDEOSAN SIMON, AZ
27312/04/18UCAC4 678-45414(595) PolyxenaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
27211/29/18UCAC4-586-14797(539) PaminaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
27111/27/18UCAC4-525-4587(368) HaideaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
27011/26/18UCAC4-679-040193(804) HispaniaC8 VIDEOMIAMI, AZ
26911/21/18UCAC4-598-011141(599) LuisaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
26811/17/18TYC 6958-01250-1(148) GalliaC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
26711/16/18UCAC4-660-35637(839) ValborgC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
26611/14/18UCAC4-513-37685(479) CapreraC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
26511/12/18UCAC4-619-008955(545)MessalinaC8 VIDEOWHY, AZ
26411/03/18UCAC4 463-60009(2731) CuclaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
26310/27/18UCAC4 625-31667(344) DesiderataC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
26210/25/18UCAC4 369-169389(119) AltheaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
26110/24/18UCAC4 326-190522(104) KlymeneC8 VIDEOVICKSBURG, AZ
26010/6/18UCAC4 293-187921(423) DiotiimaC8 VIDEOCONGRESS, AZ
25910/5/18UCAC4 463-105131(176) IdunaC8 VIDEOCIBECUE, AZ
2589/29/18UCAC4 511-119507(1583) AntilochusC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2579/27/18UCAC4-564-012302(397) ViennaC8 VIDEOWIKIEUP, AZ
2569/25/18UCAC4 512-48472(111) AteC8 VIDEOWITTMANN, AZ
2559/22/184UC 340-102410(113) AmaltheaC8 VIDEOSUN CITY, AZ
2549/20/18UCAC4-368-142918(675) LudmillaC8 VIDEONEEDLES, CA
2539/16/18HIP 24403(80) Sappho50mm VIDEO (6) YUBA CITY, CA
2529/15/18TYC 6867-01388-1(144) VibiliaC8 VIDEOFLORENCE, AZ
2519/12/18UCAC4 528-029994(216) KleopatraC8 VIDEOLUKEVILLE, AZ
2509/12/18UCAC4 560-40159(270) AnahitaC8 VIDEOWHY, AZ
2499/10/184UC 440-067774(174567) VardaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2489/10/18UCAC4 295-111935(362) HavniaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2479/2/18HIP 27092(524) FidelioC8 VIDEOAJO, AZ
2469/2/18UCAC4 546-42798(532) HerculinaC8 VIDEOSELLS, AZ
2459/1/184U 331-208944(672) AstarteC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
2448/29/18UCAC4-490-101634(176) IdunaC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
2438/26/18TYC 1055-04455-1(176) IdunaC8 VIDEORIO VERDE, AZ
2428/19/18UCAC4 565-9310(757) PortlandiaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2418/15/18GAIADR2 6772629170525258240 or UCAC4 : 341-187633PlutoC14 VIDEONEEDEVILLE, TX
2407/14/18TYC 0468-03214-1(483) Seppina80mm VIDEOGISBORNE, AUSTRALIA
2397/7/18UCAC4 281-192521(578) HappeliaC8 VIDEO GILA BEND, AZ
2387/7/18UCAC4 404-115635(253) MathildeC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
2376/12/184U 329-084429(940) KordulaC8 VIDEOKINGMAN, AZ
2366/8/18UCAC4 281-75349(143) AdriaC8 VIDEOFOREPAUGH, AZ
2356/2/18UCAC4 286-124842(362 HavniaC8 VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
2346/1/18TYC 1175-01765-1(694) EkardC8 VIDEOGOLDEN VALLEY, AZ
2335/16/184U 384-88762(2196) EllicottC8 VIDEOAGUILA, AZ
2325/13/184U 590-32462(451) PatientiaC8 VIDEOSALOME, AZ
2315/12/182UCAC 23253161(198) AmpellaC8 VIDEOLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ
2305/4/18TYC 1356-00856-1(50) VirginiaC8 VIDEOBLACK CANYON CITY, AZ
2293/30/184U 479-052466(246) AsporinaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2283/7/184U 528-36436(32) PomonaC8 VIDEOVAIL, AZ
2273/3/184U 265-95129(2829) BobhopeC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2262/22/18TYC 5517-00227-1(1165) ImprinetteaC8 VIDEODATELAND, AZ
2252/9/184U 563-46247(175) AndromacheC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2242/9/18TYC 0755-02073-1(191) KolgaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2232/7/18UCAC4-548-015983(50) VirginiaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
2222/7/182UCAC 35328846(236) HonoriaC8 VIDEOSUN LAKES, AZ
2211/29/184U 474-37943(737) ArequipaC11 VIDEOWELLTON, AZ
2201/28/184U 455-19064(904) RockefelliaC11 VIDEOCAMERON, AZ
2191/25/182UCAC 44658764(751) FainaC8 VIDEOAMADO, AZ
21812/27/17TYC 3770-02026-1(372) PalmaC8 VIDEOBULLHEAD CITY, AZ
21712/27/17TYC 4953-00859-1(246) AsporinaC8 VIDEOBULLHEAD CITY, AZ
21612/26/174U-554-34857(396) AeoliaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
21512/21/17TYC 2405-01295-1(980) Anacostia80mm VIDEOTOMBSTONE, AZ
21412/21/17TYC 1316-00147-1(50) VirginiaC8 VIDEOTOMBSTONE, AZ
21312/14/17TYC 6150-01200-1(760) MassingoC8 VIDEOSEDONA, AZ
21212/10/17TYC 1798-00616-1(151) AbudantiaC8 VIDEOGOLD CANYON, AZ
21111/25/172UCAC 40302792(405) ThiaC8 VIDEOST. DAVID, AZ
21011/25/174U 729-042781(31) EuphrosyneC8 VIDEOQUARTZSITE, AZ
20911/17/174U 544-27739(50) VirginiaC8 VIDEO MARANA, AZ
20811/6/17HIP 116724(505) Cava80mm VIDEOSAN DIEGO, CA
20711/02/174U 453-120908(509) IolandaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
20611/02/174U 337-171464(376) GeometriaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
20510/21/172UCAC 40684617(751) FainaC8 VIDEOGREEN VALLEY, AZ
20410/21/17TYC 2450-01220-1(772) Tanete80mm VIDEOGILA BEND, AZ
2039/25/172UCAC 44809976(141) LumenC8 VIDEOTUCSON, AZ
2029/19/17TYC 0651-00137-1(44) Nysa80mm VIDEOMADRID, SPAIN (CONTINENT 5)
2019/10/17TYC 5010-00469-1(357) NininaM8 VIDEO FERNLEY, NV
2008/31/17TYC 5777-0095-1(38) LedaC8 VIDEORIO RICO, AZ
1998/23/17TYC 5780-00308-1(834) Burnhamia80mm VIDEOHIAWATHA, KS
1986/21/172UCAC 21176212(347) ParianaC8 VIDEOFORT MCDOWELL, AZ
1976/14/17TYC 6843-02468-1(346) HermentariaC11 VIDEOCHLORIDE, AZ
1966/13/172UCAC 21356976(481) EmitaC11 VIDEOBAGDAD, AZ
1955/23/172UCAC 38589324(510) MabellaC11 VIDEOWHITE RIVER, AZ
1944/25/17TYC 0863-00143-1(70) PanopaeaC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
1934/14/174U 583-37262(96) AegleC11 VIDEOAJO, AZ
1924/11/17HIP 62736(105) Artemis80mm VIDEOMORRISTOWN, AZ
1914/1/174U 398-73208(238) HypatiaC8 VIDEOAMADO, AZ
1903/30/174UC 581-028529(467) LauraC11 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
1893/27172UCAC 38082665(581) TauntoniaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
1883/14/17TYC 1878-01081-1(113) Amalthea80mm VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
1873/8/17TYC 2469-00702-1(235) Carolina80mm VIDEOCAMP VERDE, AZ
1863/5/172UCAC 30841788(225) HenriettaC8 VIDEOMARANA, AZ
1853/2/17TYC 4959-01096-1(1186) TurneraC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
1842/1/174U 594-40853(121) HermioneC8 VIDEOMAYER, AZ
1831/31/17TYC 1354-00834-1(206) Hersilia50mm VIDEOVINLAND, KS
1821/26/174U 660-36134(693) ZerbinettaC8 VIDEOLEWIS APRINGS, AZ
1811/16/174U 606-18255(165) LoreleyC8 VIDEOWILLOW BEACH AZ
18012/25/16TYC 2430-01124-1(22) Kalliope80mm VIDEO (8)PUNE, INDIA
17912/10/162UCAC 46811831(693) ZerbinettaC8 VIDEOYUMA AZ
17812/8/16TYC 3346-00054-1(193) AmbrosiaC8 VIDEONOTHING AZ
17711/24/16TYC 1294-02161-1(803) PickaC8 VIDEOCAMP VERDE AZ
17611/22/164UC 598-009170(932) HooveriaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE AZ
17511/20/16TYC 0607-01215-1(976) Benjamina80mm VIDEOBRAMAN OK
17411/3/16TYC 0762-02213-1(323) BruciaC8 VIDEOLOVE, AZ
17310/18/16TYC 1307-01531-1(72) FeroniaC8 VIDEOBUCKEYE, AZ
17210/16/162UCAC 33861632(108) HecubaC8 VIDEOELOY, AZ
17110/5/16TYC 6978-00853-1(451) Patientia80mm VIDEO (2)
70mm VIDEO (1)
17010/2/16TYC 1245-01023-1(849) Ara80mm VIDEODOLAN SPRINGS, AZ
1697/21/162UCAC 28448068(10) Camilla24-inch VIDEOCLIFTON, TX
1687/7/162UCAC 36922360(2) PallasC11 VIDEO CAREFREE,AZ
1673/18/16TYC 1241-00454-1(257) Silesia80mm VIDEOMCGUIREVILLE, AZ
1662/17/162UCAC 35162896(635) VundtiaC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
1652/14/16TYC 2485-00465-1(952) CaiaC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
1642/6/162UCAC 33881772(181) EucharisC11 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
16312/30/152UCAC 39956822(96) AegleC8 VIDEOCAREFREE, AZ
16211/11/15TYC 1198-00160-1(29) Amphitrite80mm VIDEOBENSON, AZ
16110/30/15HIP100985(415) Palatia70mm VIDEOAMARGOSA VALLEY, NV
16010/3/15HIP12740(106) Dione80mm VIDEODAMDAMA, INDIA (CONTINENT#3)
1598/31/15TYC 1075-03102-1(849) Ara80mm VIDEOSCOTTSDALE, AZ
1586/12/15TYC 2079-00938-1(2) PallasC11 VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
1575/24/15HIP49669(1669) Dagmar50mm VIDEOTHUWAL, SAUDI ARABIA (CONTINENT 3)
1564/30/15TYC 6828-01744-1(24) ThemisC8 VIDEOLA WARD, TX
1554/2/15TYC 0283-00694-1(90) Antiope80mm VIDEO (2)KRESS, TX
1543/30/15TYC 1019-01403-1(2) PallasC8 VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
1533/12/152UCAC 39817648(10) HygieaC9.25 VIDEOKINGFISHER, OK
1523/7/15HIP65567(506) Marion50mm VIDEO (5)LAS VEGAS, NV
1512/18/15TYC 1394-00796-1(71) Niobe80mm, 70mm VIDEO (4)LAKE JACKSON, TX
1501/28/15TYC 5011-00906-1(194) ProkneC8 and 80mm VIDEO (3)DAYTON, TX
1491/20/15TYC 2334-00124-1(702) Alauda70mm VIDEOFAIRBANKS, AK
1489/5/14TYC 1822-00535-1(93) Minerva70mm VIDEO (4)LAKE PARK, MN
1477/20/14HIP 65106(451) Patientia50mm VIDEO (3)CULLINAN, SOUTH AFRICA (CONTINENT#4)
1467/15/14TYC 5798-00119-1(62) EratoC8 VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
1451/21/14TYC 0184-02239-1(345) Tercidina70mm VIDEO (2)HUNTSVILLE, TX
14411/26/13TYC 2867--1816-1(134) Sophrosyne70mm VIDEO (6)LAS VEGAS, NV
14310/25/13TYC 0865-00911-1(1) Ceres70mm VIDEOALEXANDRIA, VA
1423/31/13HIP 93026(41) Daphne50mm mini VIDEONIKOI ISLAND, SUMATRA,
1413/7/13HIP 71779(329) Svea50mm mini VIDEO (5)JACKSONVILLE, FL
14011/2/12TYC 1808-01029-1(1135) ColchisC11 VIDEOMADISONVILLE, TX
13910/30/12TYC 2495-01361-1(13) EgeriaC11 VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
13812/28/11HIP54719(407) Arachne50mm mini VIDEOMCGREGOR, TX
13712/8/11TYC 2437-00787-1(593) Titania80mm midi VIDEOEHRENBERG, AZ
13611/5/11TYC 5729-02083-1(704) Interamnia80mm WATEC 120NORACLE, AZ
13510/23/11TYC 3390-00294-1(433) ErosC8 VIDEOZILLAH, WA
13410/22/11TYC 5718-00380-1(405) Thia50mm mini VIDEOACE, TX
13310/19/11TYC 6302-03055-1(43) Ariadne80mm midi VIDEO(2)+C8WHETSTONE, AZ
1329/3/11TYC 4022-01356-1(1036) Ganymed80mm mini VIDEO(2)PECOS, TX
1318/30/11TYC 6319-00425-1(558) Carmen80mm mini VIDEOBUNKIE, LA
1308/6/11TYC 0416-01196-1(194) Prokne50mm mini VIDEO (6)DENVER, CO
1297/22/112UCAC 32594510(185) EunikeC8, F3.3, Watec 120NJONES CREEK, TX
1287/19/11HIP 112420(90) Antiope50mm mini VIDEO (7)SACRAMENTO, CA
1277/04/11TYC 0292-00339-1(52) Europa80mm midi VIDEO (2)JACKSONVILLE, FL
1266/24/11TYC 6265-01474-1(405) ThiaVISUALHINTON, OK
1254/1/11TYC 1343-01414-1(554) PeragaM8 VIDEOSHAQLAWA, IRAQ (CONTINENT 3)
1241/26/11TYC 4961-00682-1(11) ParthenopeC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
1231/22/11TYC 1933-00197-1(42) IsisC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOMONT BELVIEU, TX
1221/6/11UCAC2 41706351(404) ArsinoeC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
12112/4/10TYC 3358-02411-1(375) Ursula80mm Midi (3)PENWELL, TX
12011/7/10TYC 1232-00440-1(149) Medusa80mm MidiCONCORD, TX
11910/21/10TYC 1369-00979-1(268) Adorea80mm Midi (2)BIRMINGHAM, AL
11810/17/10HIP 7603(1273) Helma50mm MiniPERRY, OK
11710/14/10TYC 1346-00542-1(1212) Francette50mm Mini (2)DAVIS, OK
1168/31/10TYC 2332-01054-1(695) Bella50mm Mini (2)BAKERSIELD, CA
1158/21/10HIP 22112(16) Psyche50mm Mini (2)CLEBURNE, TX
1148/14/10TYC 1340-02164-1(404) ArsinoeC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOREFUGIO, TX
1135/16/102UCAC43762516(276) AdelheidC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON TX
1123/29/102UCAC 39108118(52) EuropaC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
1112/14/10UCAC2 36090877(56) MeleteC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
1102/5/10TYC 5636-00417-1(191) Kolga20inch + 80mm MidiSIERRA VISTA, AZ
10912/25/09TYC 1795-00251-1(81) Terpsichore50mm Mini (2)PATTERSON, CA
10812/24/09TYC 4909-00873-1(216) Kleopatra80mm Midi(2)CASA GRANDE, AZ
10712/6/09TYC 1252-00803-1(423) DiotimaC9.25KINGMAN, AZ
10612/6/09TYC 4682-02550-1(455) BruchsaliaC9.25KINGMAN, AZ
10512/6/09TYC 5836-00670-1(348) MayC9.25KINGMAN, AZ
10411/21/09HIP 34106(234)Barbara50mm Mini(5)POLK CITY, FL
10310/24/09HIP 10015(164)Eva50mm MiniLOXLEY, AL
1029/24/09TYC 5273-00531-1(579)SidoniaC8+80mm Midi(2)EASTLAND, WA
1018/20/09HIP75848(240)Vanadis75mm MiniNOME, TX
1006/6/09TYC 6184-00208-1(46)HestiaC8 VISUALCLEMVILLE, TX
992/17/09TYC 0193-00670-1(185)Eunike50mm mini (2)QUINCY, NM
982/7/09UCAC2 32019943(654)ZelindaM8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOMADILL, OK
972/3/09UCAC2 42749694(366)VincentinaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
9612/25/08TYC 5267-00645-1(751)FainaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEONAVASOTA, TX
9512/8/08UCAC2 35357625(402)ChloeC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOLIBERTY, TX
9411/27/08UCAC2 26590394(304)OlgaM8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOENID, OK
9311/15/08TYC 0543-01301-1(1149)VolgaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
929/12/08HIP 14764(9)Metis105mm FL VIDEOLAS VEGAS, NV
906/18/08TYC 6276-01878-1(19)FortunaC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOBEEVILLE, TX
896/12/08UCAC2 19792163(47)AglajaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOMAXWELL, CA
884/8/08TYC 1401-00822-1(667)DeniseM4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHORSEHOE BAY, TX
873/15/08HIP 17026(241)Germania100mm/fl VIDEOVARADERO, CUBA
863/11/08TYC 2936-00356-1(735)MarghannaM8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOWINK, TX
852/28/08TYC 0191-00729-1(429)LotisM8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOGARDEN CITY, TX
841/22/08TYC 0026-00627-1(13)EgeriaC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCASA GRANDE, AZ
831/12/08TYC 2501-00817-1(70)Panopaea11MAK INTENSIFIED VIDEOCRYSTAL, NV
821/2/08UCAC2 38791508(24)Themis24CASS INTENSIFIED VIDEOCANEY, OK
8112/20/07TYC 2416-00772-1(187)LambertaC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEODEWEY, OK
8011/10/07TYC 1930-00091-1(15)EunomiaM4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCALLAGHAN, TX
7911/05/07TYC 5739099761-1(137)MeliboeaC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOANGLETON, TX
7810/26/07TYC 1410-00470-1(203)PompejaM4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOFOREST LAKE, MN
779/09/07TYC 2410-00061-1(704)InteramniaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOBERNALILLO, NM
768/29/07TYC 1327-00077-1(409)AspasiaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOSWEENEY, TX
757/20/07UCAC2 25791797(153)HildaM10 INTENSIFIED VIDEOOTHELLO, WA
747/16/07TYC 1065-00745-1(225)HenriettaC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOLAST CHANCE, CO
737/10/07HIP92988(125)NausikaaM4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCALLAHAN, FL
726/25/07TYC 7427-02638-1(125)NausikaaM4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOWICKENBURG, AZ
704/15/07UCAC2 42210347(494)VirtusC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCORDELE, TX
692/18/07TYC 1421-00289-1(55)PandoraM4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOENNIS, TX
681/10/07TYC 1323-00422-1(44)NysaM4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOLIBERTY CITY, TX
6612/22/06TYC 4822-02645-1(547) PraxedisC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOTRAVIS, TX
6512/14/06TYC 1231-01469-1(70) PanopaeaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOMADISONVILLE, TX
6411/26/062UCAC 42542715(422) BerolinaM8 VISUALTONKAWA, OK
6311/26/06TYC 5764-01407-1(601) NerthusM8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCOLWICH, KS
6211/22/06TYC 0040-00819-1(103) HeraC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCENTERVILLE, TX
6010/3/06HIP 115725(25) PhocaeaM10 INTENSIFIED VIDEOWOODSTOWN, NJ
597/22/06TYC 5109-00140-1(444) GyptisC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOANGLETON, TX
586/24/06UCAC2 16455768(35) LeukotheaC11 INTENSIFIED VIDEOBOULOGNE, FL
575/27/06UCAC2 13791670(702) AlaudaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOLIVINGSTON, LA
564/30/06TYC 4973-01378-1(580) SeleneC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCOLETOVILLE, TX
553/12/06HIP 90871(602) MariannaM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOABILENE, TX
542/24/06HIP 40832(530) TurandotM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCINCINNATI, OH
532/10/06TYC-2926-01789-1(134) Sophrosyne36-INCH REFLECTOR INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
522/05/06UCAC2-35203988(764) GedaniaM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOPENITAS, TX
511/28/06TYC-0736-00356-1(490) VeritasM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOKEENANSVILLE, NC
501/14/06TYC-0145-00077-1(173) InoM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOLINN, TX
491/5/06TYC-1371-00938-1(466) TisiphoneC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOTELFERNER, TX
4812/11/05UCAC2-37141382(28) ChristineC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOCKLEY, TX
4712/03/05TYC 4974-00584-1(52) EuropaM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ
4612/11/05TYC 1799-00077-1(162) LaurentiaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOBUFFALO, TX
4511/15/05TYC 05227-00241-1(345) TercidinaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOWEIMAR, CA
4410/28/05TYC 0216-01594-1(790) PretoriaM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCATOOSA, OK
4310/7/05TYC 1311-2375-1(1082) PrirolaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
428/13/05HIP 7948(893) Julia7x35mm VISUALPENSE, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA
417/11/05TYC 1210-01821-1(103) HeraC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOSENTINEL, AZ
395/17/05TYC 7902-01828-1(54) AlexandraM 8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOACUFF, TX
381/18/05UCAC 32014147(216) KleopatraC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
3710/29/04TYC 1367-00024-1(8) FloraM 4 INTENSIFIED VIDEOOROGRANDE, NM
3610/7/04TYC 1351-00528-1(8) FloraC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCLINTON, BC CANADA
359/5/04TYC 5244-00017-1(107) CamillaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOFOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ
348/25/04TYC 6859-01200-1(11) ParthenopeC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOALVIN, TX
337/18/04TYC 0531-02020-1(41) DaphneC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOFRIENDSWOOD, TX
327/3/04TYC 1215-01306-1(64) AngelinaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOKRAMER JUNCTION, CA
316/30/04TYC 6310-01494-1(522) HelgaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOINYOKERN, CA
3012/31/03TYC 1397-01764-1(208) LacrimosaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOSPLENDORA, TX
2912/14/03TYC 2389-01522-1(231) VindobonaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOMOUNTAINAIRE, AZ
2812/7/03TYC 5769-00278-1(115) ThyraC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOARIZONA CITY, AZ
2710/24/03HIP 106841(978) AidaminaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOTX, NM BORDER
257/29/03TYC 6285-03426-1(654) ZelindaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOSTILLWELL, OK
246/18/03TYC 0530-01006-1(85) IoC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
233/23/03HIP 36189(704) InteramniaM12 VIDEOKONA, HI
221/15/03TYC 0191-00774-1(95) ArethusaC8 VISUALMCCOOK, TX
211/3/03TYC 4848-02317-1(726) JoellaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOCASH, TX
201/1/03TYC 0726-00419-1(233) AsteropeC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOSANTA FE, TX
1911/14/02TYC 0111-01007-1(350) OrnamentaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOODEM, TX
188/13/02TYC 5236-00201-1(688) MelanieC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOHOUSTON, TX
175/24/02TYC 6252-01873(102) MiriamC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEORIO RICO, AZ
164/20/02TYC 6148-00023(139) JuewaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOOAK RIDGE, CA
153/27/02TYC 0168-02620(654) ZelindaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOVIOLA, KS
141/14/02SAO 060107(516) AmherstiaC8 INTENSIFIED VIDEOATLANTIC BEACH, FL
129/8/01TYC1315-01463-1(48) Doris17-INCH REFLECTOR VISUALHOUSTON, TX
1112/4/97SAO 134036(105) ArtemisC8 VISUALPHOENIX, AZ
1012/17/96BD+3 633(704) InteramniaC8 VISUALPHOENX, AZ
910/9/93PPM 174714(27) EuterpeM10 VISUALDUMAS, TX
81/3/91SAO 93228(4) VestaC8 VIDEOLAPEER, MI
74/11/85BD+20 2390(129) AntigoneC8 VISUALPARKER, CO
65/29/831 Vulpeculae(2) PallasC8 VISUALSPLENDORA, TX
54/26/83BD+21 1797(52) EuropaC8 VISUALHOUSTON, TX
411/15/82SAO55791(375) UrsulaC8 VISUALWINNIE, TX
310/7/81SAO 187124(88) ThisbeC8 VISUALCHEYENNE, WY
13/5/77Gamma Ceti(6) Hebe5R VISUALVICTORIA, TX (CONTINENT#1)