MAZATLAN SITE INSPECTION#1 2023-12-18T12:10:51-06:00



Images taken from December 11-14, 2023

On the beach in Mazatlan city

The Green Flash as seen at the top of a pollution layer in the sea as the Sun is setting. I took this 24 stories above the ocean as someone in a small boat is passing by in lower left. The greenish nature of the flash makes it one of the most interesting natural atmospheric phenomena. Be sure to look for it on the trip. The green color is only faintly visible since the flash itself lasts very briefly before disappearing.

Bus that will be used for the included city tour and optional bus excursion to emergency backup site.  This will be operated by our ground operator Pronatours.

Bus interior

View of golf course from an elevated position where eclipse observation is possible

Golf course with road to left next to hotel. It is a short walk but you can set up a camera tripod somewhere in the dozens of open acres available.


If weather should become a problem in Mazatlan we have secured an emergency backup site (EBS) located north of the town. Although we have not fixed the site yet we have 5 candidates we are considering and all 5 offer a great view of the eclipse sky provided there are no clouds there. These sites are rural and thus we will deploy in a barren country area with no facilities available. Once you see the area you will understand that there is little infrastructure away from the main cities. The objective in locating an ’emergency’ location is to try to insure that weather will not cause everyone to miss the eclipse. Our hotel is located on a great beach and ideally we will all see the eclipse from there. But we try to prepare for the unexpected. Clouds and marine layer fog are the two component that could create an issue.

Emergency backup site (EBS) #1…set up on the roadway

EBS#2…final site to be chosen soon


EBS#4.  There is a 5th site but we could not get photos.

View while traveling the federal highway north to the EBS

Road along the boardwalk in Mazatlan. Will see this on the city tour.

Front of the observatory with funicular leading to the top of the hill

Example of souvenirs obtained at the observatory

More souvenirs available in Mazatlan on the city tour

Food at the local market on the city tour

City tour image 1

Souvenirs available on the city tour

One of hundreds of stalls in the local food market

Fruit seller stall