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NOVEMBER 1, 2017: Will be open to everyone on November 3. Currently only open to select client lists.

OCTOBER 31, 2017:

You will be sent an email when the cruise opens. We hope it will be November 1. Again,watch this site carefully.

OCTOBER 25, 2017:

I have been informed today that the cruise is likely to officially be opened next week (the week of Nov. 1).  We will send out an email to the first wave, followed 24 hours by an email to the second wave of eclipse chasers. Please watch this site carefully.

OCTOBER 23, 2017:

For those of you who are really serious about this cruise who have emailed me in the past months, I will do my best to see if I can send out a warning email several days before we officially post the trip. That way you will be in the best position to jump on registration/deposit. If you are going to be away from your home possibly without email access, I suggest you find a proxy who can register and submit deposits or who can get the word to you immediately.

OCTOBER 21, 2017:

We are getting close to the release. If all goes well around November 1 or shortly thereafter. If you have inquired already, dont worry. We have you on our notification lists.

OCTOBER 6, 2017:

Our apologies to everyone waiting for this cruise to open.  This morning the cruise company asked us to delay opening the cruise. They want to determine anchorage costs at the 3 atolls which were estimated initially but not confirmed. This was completely new and unexpected but justified as cruise ships do not stop at these locations. Please wait!

OCTOBER 5, 2017:

We have just received word that the deposit and cancellation fee schedule is going to be given to us tomorrow.  STAND BY AS WE WILL LIKELY BE OPENING THE CRUISE BY MONDAY OCTOBER 9!!!

OCTOBER 4, 2017:

The cruise company has informed us that we should have more details by ~October 24. This is a fluid date. The cruise is still moving forward but again, we must wait for them to handle the higher priority issues of hurricane scheduling impacts and it is taking far longer than they first indicated.  What we want to provide all of you are the costs and payment terms/cancellation penalties. When those are ready, only then can we open the cruise to formal registration.  At that time the key email will go out to those of you who have told me you are interested in joining the cruise.  The detailed itinerary will take longer but the description below is a good indication of what they are able to provide.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017:

The cruise company has delayed providing us the details of the cruise due to significant damage to their cruise schedule from the three recent hurricanes. We have been informed that it will not be until perhaps October, 2017 before they are able to define the itinerary and exact pricing. What we do know is this:

The cruise will run from (about) June 28-July 7 with the eclipse itself on July 2, 2019. The ship holds about 150 passengers in 74 cabins and travels at 10 knots. There are no triple accommodations (maximum of 2 persons to a cabin) and no children allowed under 12.  Two persons maximum allowed in each cabin.  Prices are the same regardless of age and will range from around USD$4800 to $6300 per person except for the Owner’s Suite (already sold).  All the cabins are the same size and the only difference in price will be the location of the cabins on the ship (forward, aft, midships).  There will likely be three deposits spaced out with significant cancellations penalties since Future Travel is chartering the entire ship.  The cruise will be all inclusive (accommodations, meals, port charges, taxes, gratuities to the crew).  The path will take us southeast from Papeete, Tahiti such that it will take over 3 days of nonstop travel just to reach the eclipse center line–about a 730 mile one way journey.  Along the way we plan stops at Matauru, Raivave, and Ahueri—three islands/atolls that are rarely visited. At those locations the ship will deploy its water sports platform for snorkeling and it is possible the Zodiac type boats will ferry passengers ashore. Because the major French Polynesian islands of Bora Bora, Moorea, etc. are in the opposite direction from the eclipse we will have an optional cost pre-tour or post-tour to visit one or more of them.  SCUBA can be done there but not at the 3 small atolls since there are no support services there.

We strongly recommend that everyone plan to arrive one day before the cruise starts. A pre-night and transfers package will be set up as soon as the cruise is defined and optional pre/post tours will be developed over the coming year.  Air Tahiti Nui is the main carrier, flying from Los Angeles to Papeete.

Speakers on the ship will include Dr. Michael Shara of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and myself.  This being a small ship there are no shows or entertainment.  There are no activities for children.

We will update this page as things develop.  As soon as the cruise information is provided and we can open the tour, emails will be sent to all interested eclipse chasers. You will need to act quickly when this happens due to intense interest and numerous inquiries. It is entirely possible the cruise will sell out within 1 to 5 days, but I have no way to predict.

PRE/POST TOURS: to be announced in 2018

PRE/POST HOTEL/TRANSFERS: to be announced in 2018

If you are single and do not want to pay twice the per person rate for a cabin, we will try to match you with a person of the same gender. If this is not possible as the cruise begins to sell out, we will have to give priority to couples. Therefore it is to your advantage to find a roommate before the cruise is announced.

Please do not send emails asking about the status as we will post all updates here. We recognize how important this is to those wanting to see the total eclipse and will notify everyone just as soon as the cruise company provides us with new specifics.  Once you receive the notification email you will need to do the following:

1) submit a registration form FOR EACH PERSON IN YOUR GROUP [you can specify a 1st/2nd choice of cabin types shown on the cruise web page on the registration form, but not the specific cabin number as Future Travel will have to assign this.]

AND simultaneously, 2)  you must submit a deposit for each person in your group. Doing one without the other will invalidate your signup!

Confirmation of both 1) and 2) will be done in the order that both are received.  If a credit card payment is made and the card is declined, you will have the opportunity to fix the problem.

The sooner Future Travel can process your submissions,  the sooner we can confirm you on the cruise.  As always, I will acknowledge receipt of each registration form, but Future Travel will have to confirm receipt and processing of payment. The electronic check system (ACH) is the quickest way to submit the deposit and provides a 5% discount off the regular credit card price.

thanks for your patience.

Paul D. Maley   …EMAIL:    eclipse@travelleaders.com