1987 HYBRID ECLIPSE IN GABON RESULTS 2022-07-21T17:10:19-05:00


by Paul D. Maley, NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society

Eclipse path over southwest Africa. Courtesy X. Jubier.

Circumstances (approximate) at our site.  Courtesy X. Jubier.

Nearing central eclipse. Photo by Jacques Guertin from Port Gentil, Gabon

Being interviewed on national television in Port Gentil before the eclipse.  Hueguette Guertin translated for me (to her left)

Morning of the eclipse, a beach scene nearby

The narrow eclipse path as it crossed Gabon  and Equatorial Guinea in southwest Africa. Path widt was 3.3km/1.9 miles and central eclipse was predicted to last 4 seconds.


The eclipse path of totality/annularity is defined by the two blue lines. We were just off the main road to the left.

Screen shot from my Baily’s Beads video from this one second total solar eclipse




The above outstanding images taken by Jacques Guertin of the beautiful beads during this 1 second hybrid eclipse.


In addition to bringing solar eclipse glasses to hand out I met with the Minister of Education and others to explain the eclipse process.